Drive-In Wholesale - floor labels for categories

When you enter the big wholesale, there is a lof of shelves with all kinds of goods.
None of them are labeled before you get very close to them, then there popup a small tag.
All the goods are in boxes, so they look a like.
And it’s not organized, the cheap gifts are far away from the expensive gifts and so one.

1: The wholesale organized in sections: Gift, restaurant, shoppingmarket and so on.
2: Sections are divided by color, a label / logo on the floor /wall or something.
3: paper bag may be closest to the door since most stores need it?

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Hello! After some internal discussing, we’ve come to this:

New order:

New signs:

What do you think?


This is a huge improvement :raised_hands:
I like this setup :grin:
And since all the boxes look the same, maybe some type of labelling on the floor?

  • gift
  • restaurant
  • supermarket
    And so on?

Alright! That will need some more time and design. I’ll update the title of this post and let this as a suggestion that we’ll consider later.

Thank you for your feedback! Drive-In wholesale definitely looks better now :slight_smile:


Awesome, can’t wait for the new beta :grin:


since it’s now out I’d say it came out great!