Delivery from Stores to the Business

When I open a new store on 1000 m2, I immediately furnish it with all the product shelves from 3 stores to increase sales. And this is 291 items for purchase.
I propose to introduce the possibility of delivery in 1 day to 1 Business from different stores of a large number of items and positions, for example, 500. Since 18 is too little, it takes a lot of time to transport all this:

  1. Square Appliances:
    Cleaning Station - 1
    Cabinet with Drawers - 15
    Drinks Fridge - 4
    Industrial Fridge - 4
    Rounded Shelf - 20
    Salad Bar - 4
    Stack Of Shopping Baskets - 3
    Storage Shelf - 80

  2. AJ Pederson & Son:
    Bakery Showcase - 16
    Changing Room - 8
    Checkout Counter - 3
    Cigar Shelf - 8
    Clothing Rack - 64
    Hotdog Grill - 3
    Industrial Coffee Machine - 8
    Industrial Freezer - 3
    Industrial Fryer Machine - 8
    Industrial Grill - 4
    Jewelry Floor Showcase - 10
    Pizza Oven - 4
    Restaurant booth - 4
    Trash Bin - 1
    Wine Shelf - 8

  3. IKA Bohag:
    JayBeel Loudspeaker 2 - 8

One crappy option that stands right now, if you’re willing to throw enough free time at it, is to buy all the stuff, drive it to or have it delivered to your warehouse, and when you open a store mark those items for delivery to the store. Set the stock minimum to the number you need and once it’s delivered, take the store off the route so it doesn’t keep giving you more. I am sure that you can kinda picture how much of a headache it is but it’s something to do in the downtime between opening stores to have everything ready once you’re wanting to go. Only thing you have to worry about at that point is getting storage shelves in place before the order arrives.

Closing as complete as the delivery number has been tripled, and you can receive deliveries from multiple stores at once now.