Delivery Contracts

I may be misunderstanding this cost, but each delivery contract has a $100 cost. If they are going to the same business, shouldn’t it all fall under the same $100? Or change depending on how many items you are getting delivered

I think that if it would be possible to buy several products in a contract at a time, it would be more correct. For example, in one store I need Soda, Burgers and Hot Dogs. I order delivery from a wholesale store for all these items. Since the contract is with the store, it should be possible to order these products together.

Delivery on the same day should be together with only one delivery fee.
The whole thing will be massively changed with the next alpha though, so for now I guess we don’t need to focus too much on problems with the existing system. It will become much more easier and give a better overview.

Here’s a screenshot of how the new system looks like :slight_smile:


Hi Jonas,

Will you also implement here, that you only could choose goods which could be sold/used within this store type?
Because if we later on have more than 200 different product types in the game, it will be a mess to search for the right once.


Hi Kaboozt,

Right now it’s only showing the goods the specific wholesaler provides, but you’re right, we could probably add an option to “show all”. Thanks for the input, will look into it!