Delivery contract cap or target

I really like the new delivery feature, but it has one drawback. I use less than 1000 paper bags per week. So if I order 1 box of 1000 every Monday, at some point my metal shelf will be full of paper bags and I will have no space left for my gifts.

So, can we have a delivery cap option in the contract? E.g. Deliver 1 box of paper bags every Monday, UNLESS my stock on the shelf is more than 1000. I don’t mind paying for the delivery, even if they don’t unload anything. I just want to make sure that I have paper bags (but not too much).

A second option is change it to say, Fill up my stock to X paper bags. So the delivery driver will just make sure you have at least X paper bags. This will actually be better for other products like soda cans. You can have 3 deliveries a week, and each time they just fill your stock up to 6 boxes. Some days they drop off 1 box, other times they drop off 6 boxes. They just make sure your stock is what you set it too.

The second option is my personal favorite.

This has been implemented with the logistics manager. Closing this :sunglasses: