Customizable floors and walls

Allow the player to change materials and colors of floors and walls of the buildings they own.

Would some kinds of material and colors be more expensive?

Yes, that would be cool I think!

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There was a game called Software Inc from 2015 and it allowed you to just pick from a colour pallet. I wondered about if they would ever add texture or wallpaper but must admit besides decking one room out in a ridiculously lurid orange I never missed the wallpaper like choices of the sims. So wall colour totally in favour of but not sure about the material :slight_smile: image

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Interesting! We could even do a combination, reduce the amount of materials, but make them all recolorable.


Besides price and appearance it could also have different effects on customers.
For example wooden floors might make customers more happy than just ceramic tiles (unless we’re in a swimming pool), but at the same time cleaning would take longer / be more expensive (if external cleaners would be hired). In a restaurant, wooden floor might not last too long and has to be replaced after a few years because of all the food and drinks being spilled.
In some places (kitchen, toilet) material might be limited for hygiene.

Closing topic as it’s already implemented.