Customer capacity diversity please

Retail space is almost all 15 and 30 customers capacity. I found 1 40.

Why is it so lopsided?

Give us more 40, 50, 60, 200 and everything inbetween! I don’t even touch the 15 customer places, why is there so many? It’s boring with almost all 15 and 30. Then you only give a couple of 75’s and no 50’'s, 60’s and like 1 40?

Many of those 30 places don’t have adequate storage either.

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Hello! Some more variety could be nice for sure. There are about 13 with 40-capacity, about 20 of the 50-capacity offices, and about 25, 75-capacity buildings as well. But the 30-capacity and 15-capacity are the majority for sure.

Well there’s rarely any 40’s available. Even if they’re there, they’re taken then. Just like the residential, there’s only one of the largest units available and the rest are the smaller ones.

Can they become more available then? The gimping of the money makes it impossible to buy someone out anymore.

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That’s definitely something we’re looking into right now, especially in Midtown. It should be harder to find rental spots there, not impossible!

Some of it is a function of how hard a level you start the game at. I agree, at Normal there are only 15s and 30s retail… and very few 10 or less offices. For retail, I have only seen 15/30/75 since 0.2.

Building size or availability isn’t based on difficulty. The fact that there are no buildings available will be fixed, though!

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