Cross search options on the map

Hello everyone, and hello to the dev team.

I came up with this idea as i was searching for some good shop to purchase on the map.

Currently, to search for something really specific is a real hell, at least for me. The buildings are highlights, but when you want to purchase a shop, you see all the shops, from the hyperbuilding of 75m² (i think the bigger building should have 150-200 m² interior but why not) to the 8m² stall just in front of said hyper building. And the time to inspect each and every store to find a good one is… eurk.

A simple option could be added to the map, a box “75m²” to check or uncheck, and combined with options like “traffic : under 30, under 40, over 40”, or better, let the player set a define number for the researched traffic should be the best. With this, you can directly see which buildings are really goods for what you want, and wich building isn’t, it would make the research far more easier and enjoyable.

I don’t know if it will be implemented in a future patch, but thank you to at least take seriously the idea in consideration. I have some eyes problems and the 3D map can be a little difficult to read, that should clear this problem.

Sorry for my poor english, it’s not my maternal language, and thank you for the game!


I would like to see a filterable, sortable list of all rentable buildings.
Filter on type and district, sort by traffic and size.

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