Crime, Insurance fraud and other underhanded stuffs

Welp it would be cool. Arson, theft, and the like. This isnt the game to make a criminal empire, but it could be.

Prison could also be added as a little punishment giving another option for job.

I’ve been walking around NY at all hours, and i still havent been murdered. You could add a survival element like real life in the city.


“Living in China, I can’t imagine your city being so dangerous.”

Doubt they will add murder but we need crime we can commit ourselves not crime from EA 0.2

Thought it was cool to see parking fines in game and I can see that other car crimes / insurance charges for car damages are in the roadmap… but has a decision been made on enabling damage to pedestrians / prison time for such a thing? Just wondered if this is something beyond the devs vision of what the game should be?

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One big current consideration is AI performance - that keeps getting improved, which is allowing more and more pedestrians/vehicles, and allowing them to be more varied and complex as well.

Future updates will be bringing " * City Atmosphere: Random traffic accidents/emergency scenes", so perhaps somewhere in there will be pedestrian damage as well :man_shrugging:

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The new driving mechanism in EA 0.4 has already made a huge difference to the enjoyability, also making it worthwhile to upgrade a vehicle from van to faster car, and as the game develops, it will be cool to see enforcement of traffic laws at least.