Cost of Jerry Can

EDIT: Changed to a “feature suggestion” based on Joko’s response:

Filling up the tank costs $57 when I am at 46% fuel, meaning $57 would give me 54% of a fuel tank. This works out to be $1.05 for each percentage point of fuel.

The Jerry Can costs $30. Logically, since that is about half of the cost to fill my tank, it seems a Jerry Can, it would fill half of the missing 54%, which is 27%.

Instead, it only filled my car to 57%, which was only an 11% increase. That makes it seem like I paid $18 for the can, and only got about $11.61 worth of fuel from the Jerry Can.

Then cost me $45 to fill it the rest of the way at the pump which logically tracks with the previous math, so I don’t think any bug happened, I just think the issue is that the Jerry Can doesn’t give enough fuel percentage for its price point.

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Hey, this is by design a Jerry Can is more expensive than just filling up.
A Jerry Can contains 10L of Fuel and costs $30 fixed.
Where 1L of Fuel Costs itself costs $1.3.
so you pay $17 for for Jerry Can plastic container. but that may be balanced later :smiley:

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That makes sense - thanks for the info.

Suggestion then: let us keep the empty can. Currently it just goes away, but they are typically reusable - so if you keep an empty can in your car, future purchases could be $15 to refill or something.