Complex Headqarter / Departments / multi-level building

1, HR:
At the middle of the game you HR is getting massive, if you have several office based business (50+ employee) some 24/7 superstores, logistic, purchase, etc. you arrive to the point when you have 1000s of employees, a HR manager can handle max 50, which means you may need 100s of them, + head-hunters (same amount) as only can be linked to 1 HR manager. to fit all of them in the office or I create several HQ with crowed and nothing else but simple desk and computer each HQ for 50 of HR or create a bit better environment but at that time I can`t fit 50 desk in the building,

     It should be nice to be able to create a HR department with several criteria: e.g.: it need to have one higher leader (e.g.: Head of the HR) several HR person with a few assistant or general office workers, Head hunters, 6 filing cabinet etc., and then instead of be able to assign 50 employee / HR manager, be able to assign 1000 of employee to the HR department, with a possibility to increase the number limitless as long as we fulfil the criteria for the higher number (e.g.: for 1000 employee, I need 4 HR person and 6 assistant, for 1500 I need 6 HR and 8 assistant) 
     This still can ended up to be too massive and require large space, several building to work only as HR headquarter so it would be great to have the opportunity to rent more than one level / building e.g.: in a skyscraper be able to rent the level 75 set up a small HR when my business grown out the level 75 rent the level 76 and rent two level at the same building same headquarter double rent (or maybe 2.2x as the higher level cost more money) 

It would be good if the schedule can be copied e.g.: when I have 6 burger fast food restaurant, and I want them to be open at the same hours create the schedule for one of them and the schedule could be copied to the other one where the HR department with head-hunters will find the right candidate and allocate to the schedule.

2, Logistic:
Similar suggestion for the Logistic:
Be able to set up a logistic department where not just logistic managers needed but, administrators, assistants, someone who is responsible for the vehicles (the vehicles should have service cost) someone who is responsible to purchase fuel, as the vehicles need fuel or electricity if electric vehicle. transport manager / fleet manager as there are special legalisations for HGVs. etc. and similar possibility of multi-level buildings.

3, Sales and Marketing:
in HQ it would be nice to have a sales and marketing department, and instead of passing the marketing for external business can do it inhouse (obviously for a cost of renting / buying advertising surface etc. and wages / salary) similar structured way, e.g.: must have a manager, some designer, some marketing planner, eCommertial specialist, etc. also possibility of multi-level buildings.

4, Legal:
after a certain size it would be more realistic if there are some legal issues, some legal case against my company / empire which can be handled by paying for an external law firm, sort it out with my own law firm but the lawyers are not making money during the trail as they working on internal case or have a separated legal department in the HQ to deal with all these issues.

5, Account
Would be more realistic if my expenses wouldn’t be deducted automatically like paying a employees / supplier / importer / or for delivery. but needed to pay manually even if just over bizphone with clicking on a button, until I can employ an accountant to do payments,
To get a loan would be more difficult until my account team is skilled to handle the loans, and with their skill the interest can be lower and more loan will be available,
The accountant can help reduce the tax.
Job of investment advisor or something like that, who would increase the income of the investments

6, Purchasing
it would be nice to set a team and all the purchases can be assigned to the team (not individuals) with a requirement of more diverse team not just 4 purchasing manager. this them cost way more money than 4 purchase manager, but they can lower the cost of the goods.

7, Distribution warehouse
it would be nice to have a distribution warehouse available to create a transport route from the distribution centre to the warehouse, even the big warehouses only can deliver to 16 business but you need paper bag to every business (except office), so you would be able to import all the paper bag to the distribution centre than from the distribution centre you can deliver them to the warehouses (16 warehouse) and from the warehouse to the shops (16 shop) at the end of the chain the imported paper bag can be delivered to 16x16 (256x) shops. this can be set up now but there is no warehouse large enough to be a distribution centre.

As all these departments would give advantage to the player like the HR department can handle more employees, the sales and marketing could do the marketing for more business etc. I would set up the cost and requirements of the department high (e.g.: the minimum requirement is 1 head of a department with high salary and own office requirement, an assistant, 2 manager and 4 office worker etc.) so the player won`t be able to create it and also it is not worth to create any of the department before a certain size.

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