Colours & employes

Why are employees of different colours in the Business Manager ? (timetable)

There is no meaning behind it right now - it’s not grouping them in any meaningful way.

I do find it helpful when scheduling if they were all one colour Id get confused as to where Ive put who

Plus it makes the rosters look pretty IMO


I like being able to go through the colors and see who needs what. I will be happy when a better way of sorting comes around but for now, this works fine. I do wish we had a way to separate full time/part time/cleaning employees though so I can plan my schedules better. Auto-fill just makes a great big mess if things most of the time when I use it.

I’ve also been unsure of what the colors meant - so nice to know that doesn’t have any meaning at the moment. :slight_smile:

I could see something smart in that they were, for example, red/yellow/green - depending on how satisfied they were. so that you knew the ones that were green were not to be looked at. but those that are red and yellow, some changes will probably need to be made.

I would love to see that put in. That would save me so much time when I am going through the list looking for the employees with needs who obviously don’t want to work at my 24/7 digital empire!