Cocktails and dreams and other suggestions

Just some suggestions for future businesses:

  • Bars - so you can go all Cocktails & Dreams :smiley: And you need to have permit to serve alcohol and can’t be too noisy if your building is next to residental buildings- I do see you will be adding nightclubs, not sure it is the same.
  • Sports equipment (If you start a gym in the neighborhood, the demand could go up for sportswear)
  • Ice cream truck that drives around the neighborhood, but needs to be part of storage (demand goes up in the summer)
  • Bookstores - having events with big authors
  • Music business either selling the music or start a record label
  • Pharmacy
  • Chocolate (Added to the giftshops)
  • Wedding venues - Need wedding organizes and nearby church etc.
  • Shoe shops

Not sure if is covered in your Market Simulations plans for oyur July update. But would be cool if there was seasonal fluctations you need to plan for. Like you sell more ice cream in the summer. Getting a lot of rain in the fall, so you sell more wellies. It’s Valentines Day, so selling a lot of flowers and chocolate.

Probably far out in the future, but could also wish for more problem solving elements. Could be in done if you take over an already running business and there are some inbuild issues you need to figure out how to fix, to make it a successful business. They have it in games like Planet Zoo where if you take over a zoo there usually something broken, the animal gets sick, it’s not designed adeal for the visitors. You look at the data and turn it around to make it successful step by step.