Clearing up the Income Statement

The Econoview income statement is showing the overall health of your businesses but doesn’t actually show the amount you will receive at midnight.

The confusing part is that it includes “resources” that have been previously paid for. Some people think they are being doubled charged when they see it, while others notice that their income change at midnight doesn’t match the income statement. Obviously, you need to factor these cost-of-goods into the business because they are an expense.

I had a thought: The Resources are itemized in their own section when you click on a specific business, perhaps there could be a simple one-line total at the bottom of the dashboard statement that shows the total resources for all businesses combined as a “reimbursement” of the cost of goods. That number would then be added into the totals to match the amount received at midnight. That way, the “Businesses” total can still be accurate for business profitability, but the page will also accurately show the “total” of what you will receive at midnight.

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Instead of having reimbursements be + to equal the total, have it be Businesses Net -reimbursements = total. That way the Businesses net is Equal to what is added at midnight but you can see the amount you made at the bottom.


This is planned in beta 9 no?
EconoView: Full table-view of transactions

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True, and that will be very helpful! The issue is the confusion in listing the cost of goods in the daily income statement when they have been previously purchased. I don’t think the full list will necessarily fix that confusion.

I generally saw that as a… ‘We will rework Econoview to make it better.’ :stuck_out_tongue:

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Good point! The devs have commented on the issue before, so they might already have planned some clarity along with that. crosses fingers