Cleaning Robot :P

I want to add cleaning robots to do the floors in all my businesses. I would pay 500 to 5000 per robot. so I dont need to maintain it. LOL.

It appears there is already a cleaning type employee that you can hire, but cannot assign to work yet.

My concern is that might be a waste of an entire employee when cleaning only needs to be done periodically…the cleaning robot would help that issue!


Or another idea would be a janitor service which you could book for all the different businesses you own. As more businesses you have as cheaper it is getting per business. :thinking:
Than you only need to agree on a time when they should clean the different buildings and when you are there you see them cleaning.


i think just cleaning anything be great. I had idea of robot from another game i dont want to mention.

I used to work as a janitor. Seem’s companies hire people from organizations that mainly do janitor services. that may be a better idea than the robots. we could use a generic name or have a janitor company like ‘speedy maids’ or something along those lines.

to work from what we already have in game. maybe possible to select cleaners for more than one business. game could possibly get estimates on how many hours are needed per business and we could hire employees based on the amount of cleaning service we need. i estimate businesses need 2-8 hours a week for cleaners. depending on size of business. there needs to be a way to assign cleaners to a mop placed in offices already or assigning cleaners in a general category for each business. for simplicity for the game i say assign 1 cleaner per business and either have a fixed time or go based on how much foot traffic the business gets. could indicate to the player if cleaning times is adequate for the business. or just simplify it and have a cleaner work so many hours and business is clean. I let Jonas decide how simple or complex he wants to make cleaning duty in this game. some things we could implement to make cleaning services adequate or inadequate.