Cleaning / Please make dirty spots easier to see

I’m sorry if this doesn’t really count as a feature, but it counts as a suggestion so I thought it might go here. I have a difficult time cleaning my whole store to 100% and I find myself wasting time trying to find the dirty spots. I have the wooden parquet checkerboard pattern and it is almost impossible to see the dirt on it. Maybe some sort of overlay that would highlight the areas in need of cleaning?


Same problem with other floors. I think it just needs an overlay that highlights them or to make them darker. I got so frustrated and was spending so much of my time trying to get to 100% to get the notification to go away that I just hired cleaning crews, lol.

Great idea i also find that at the end of my shift if I zoom in it is much easier to see. Also just sweep where the customers would logically stand (usually in front of shelves baskest and registers). That will get you up to 90 and some. I completely agree with the statement though. Maybe a higlight when you pick up the mop.

You’re right - especially with all the new floor options, it makes the dirt a lot harder to see now with some patterns/colors!

Those are good ideas. I think there is something in the works to help with this issue!


Until it is fixed, though, yes. The dirt follows the customer logic, so this is a great way to find the harder-to-see stuff!

I feel like it’s not a that big of a deal since the dirt always follows the same pattern as long as you don’t move your furniture around!
I’ve never cleaned anything above 15m2 tho


Way to live up to the name SuperDave keep kicking @$$ my guy.

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You could also just pretend it is realism. Most stores are dirty on shelves and stuff, and that stuff rarely gets cleaned. Not a solution to the problem, but if you like roleplay it’s another option to reframe while the devs keep up the good work.

I just painted all floors white until I had the money to pay for cleaners :sweat_smile:

The current cleaning system is very annoying to use. The biggest issue I have is that it’s very difficult to see what’s actually dirty so I find myself clicking randomly until I get 100%. It’s also annoying that the notification about needing to clean doesn’t disappear until it’s 100% clean because it’s a huge waste of time clicking randomly for 1% just to get rid of a notification. There’s also the issue that hiring someone to just clean is unrealistic because business hire cleaning companies to clean for them, they don’t employ cleaners themselves. Lastly, I think there’s a bug when assigning employees to clean in the schedule (perhaps it’s just an issue with the scheduling system in general) but I find that I can’t assign someone to clean (or to any job) unless I can assign them for an 8 hour slot and then I have to shrink the time slot down to the time I want.

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