Clarification of "Daily Revenue of $100 per business" objective

I’m pretty sure that to achieve this task, you must have employees assigned to both store’s cash registers and still be at least $100 profitable. However, the objective doesn’t specify that you must have employees at both locations.

Some people set up their second store and run it themselves, while their employees are running their first gift shop and then are confused when they don’t get credit for having two profitable shops.

That sounds like a bug. @David will you investigate?

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Okay, it should work fine now. If it happens again, please report using the feedback. Might be some specific scenario :face_with_monocle:

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I have the issue too that the quest is not finished.
But I have already assigned 3 employees to my second shop.

I created the ingame Bug report.

This is supposed to be fixed in build 1369 (which should be up very shortly)! If it’s still broken after that, be sure to submit a new bug report, but hopefully it’s good!

I got the new build 1369 now and the quest is resolved. :+1:

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Yay! Looks like @David fixed it like a boss! :smiley:

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