Character / Life Simulation

Maybe we can develop more the simulation’s life in the game.
Like have a reliationship, some bar where we can meet some people and drink some beers, a cinema where we can watch some movies, have a family life, not like in the sims, but a little bit less than that.

Sorry for my bad english, i’m trying my best :')


While I appreciate the life sim aspect this game has at the moment, it is pretty shallow.

I see that character improvements and variation are coming up in the next update. I hope that these will include in-depth customizable character features like fine tuning the face of your character instead of choosing from presets.

Another part of this I think would be a great benefit to immersion is a weight loss/gain system similar to the Sims’. With the gym coming in the upcoming update, this is the perfect time. If your character sits around the house, mostly drives instead of walking, eats a lot every day (depending on what food), your character will gain weight. If your character mostly runs around all day, eats only when needed, and goes to the gym daily, then your character might slim down and look stronger.

Again these features are vanity amongst other features more essential for the main business aspect of the game. However, I really believe that once the game is in a comfortable spot that it would be a great benefit for the devs to build upon the life sim features because these can add greater immersion.

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I would suggest a passion system when creating a character.
Either RNG or selection for passion
ex: The character is passionate about cars and when he buys something related to that passion you get a boost of happiness.
This system should also include dispassion like working late hours/cleaning or similar.
In my opinion this will add a bit more depth to the characters and the sim feel.

Please allow us to make friends and do social activities in the town – possibly to have a romantic relationship too! each NPC that we are friends with will give us unique perks.