Ceiling Lights Shouldn't be clickable

First off - absolutely love the new lights inside buildings, apartments, etc.

But I hate that they are clickable. As I’m navigating around my store, I keep clicking on the lights when trying to place something on the floor.

If the intention is to be able to buy other lights and customize them (which is another good option), that should happen in interior design mode.

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I agree with this it is quite annoying clicking interior lights over and over again when I’m trying to set up my stores!! I actually haven’t accidentally clicked them in a while but when I first started the game I was clicking them constantly haha, I also believe that they should only be moveable in interior design mode.

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Hi guys!

Definitely see the problem. As ceiling lamps don’t have any actions (currently you can’t turn them on/off), a solution might be to simply disable left clicking for those items specifically. I expect the issues are only relevant for left clicks, not right clicks, yes?

Right clicking would fix the issue for me. That’s an easy fix, i like it.