Car horn

Would it be possible to add a car horn to the game? I know it would be more for my feeling. But sometimes it’s good to relieve yourself by honking the horn when a car comes into my path.


In real life, I am a person who is very strict and conservative, and more importantly, I always abide by traffic rules. I love many aspects of this game, including but not limited to earning big money to buy luxury cars. For some reason, I find it very liberating to drive in the opposite direction or randomly run red lights whenever I want. Even better, I can park illegally anywhere I want because I am a billionaire in the game.

However, I can’t (or haven’t figured out how to do it, perhaps someone can teach me?) honk at the cars in front of me.

When I was poor in the game and accidentally jaywalked as a pedestrian, I would be honked at by the NPCs. I believe that as a billionaire player, we really need this feature.

I think it doesn’t even need to be explained in the UI. Simply pressing the ‘n’ key on the keyboard to make the car horn sound, like a small easter egg or something, would be great.


I love this! Honk! Honk! :smile: