Car Dealership / Rental

First off I just bought this amazing game yesterday and Ive already blown 12 hours on it and I cant get enough, so thank you and well done!! Im excited to see where this beauty goes.

Would it be possible to add a used and new car dealership as a business to own? Im sure this has probably been asked before and if so Im sorry and could anyone point me to where it was answered.

Once again thank you for an amazing game!! This is something that Ive been wanting in a game for a long time!


I’ve seen a couple people mention car dealerships. I’m in the car business personally and think it would be a cool business to own in game. Maybe independent used car dealerships and franchise dealerships. Owning an Game studio would be cool as well.

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I would love to be able to have a car dealership in the game. The thing I see keeping this from being a reality is that it wouldn’t be a very viable option for the players to choose until much further down the line when money isn’t much of an issue. Sure, you can start a dealership with a shack in an empty parking lot, but vehicles cost a bit, vehicles don’t sell that often, and we don’t have the right things in place to handle logistics (No car hauling yet, no tow tracks yet, no purchasable dealership style locations yet).

It has my vote though, but I think the word needs to expand a bit to have a need first.


Abite of a idea what about running a car dealer a showroom. Where player got to get in contact with manufacturers for them to deliver the cars. Which player got to get contracts which type of cars can have in the showroom. Example cheaper car to the supercharged cars and electric cars. For the garden centre maybe a outdoor area. Which player can sell flowerpots and plants to Japanese flowerpots and plants. Just a random idea.

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Car factory this may be a challenge because it must have a lot of customisation.
1.Which fuel is it work on it Gas or electronic.
2. hyper,luxury,normal or classic car. many passenger it take.
4.Customisation on the body of the car its without roof or having a backwing etc…
5.and of course the colors and some drawings on it.
6.speed and how much it carry’s of boxes, all tho it could be based on what type the car is
the player could take one or more of his made cars to himself too and should see his cars in the city based on how many he sells.
also parts of the cars should be only imported
or could be in store but your choice or you could open a store to sell parts of your own made cars so customers repairer their cars or upgrade it ,also Maintenance Workshop would be a great idea

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Able to build Vehicles that can be sold to dealerships/Direct to customer.
High Entry / High Payout (More than jewelry)

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My idea is car rental. Cars that we buy from the showroom will be able to enter our own rental. Money would be charged per hour or day of customer usage. I think this is a rare idea.

Have a nice day readers :slight_smile: