Can I use my "pirated" save file?

Hi guys,

I know this is a very stupid question and I am ashamed. But I initially pirated the game, because I’m poor and I was too afraid to buy the game because I wasn’t sure I would like it.

Anyway, I pirated the game, played for about 10-ish hours, and I FELL IN LOVE with the game, so I instantly bought it to support the devs.

However, I wonder if it’s okay to continue the same save file, or if I need to start a fresh game.

Unless your save file was corrupted by the pirated version, it should still work now. Load it and run a couple days, if things seem to be running well, you should be fine. Thanks for buying the game, though, and welcome!

Thank you, and I’m really sorry.

It looks like it’s running fine, but I just googled potentional issues and saw some forums saying that your business profit goes down after a month or so. That’s actually pretty cool piracy protection, creative and thematic as well!

PS: I just wish modern games also provided something like a trial versions or demos to keep these occasional pirates (like myself) at bay. Because, to someone like me $20 is a lot of money, especially if you live in a very poor country.

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On the pirated versions, yes. Not in the full version - if you were experiencing this issue, it should resolve itself after a couple days in the real version.