Calling Taxis/other transportation services

Create new phone contacts for taxi/public transportation/uber-like companies with different rates/vehicles.

For example you could call a taxi from anywhere on the map at any hour of the day and get different rates based on the time of day/distance from player/distance to travel/player preference (pay more for speed/convenience or wait some time for lower cost transportation)

The player could rent limos to host parties/events to boost marketing for existing businesses. Buy tickets to fly to new cities. Buy passports to unlock new importing methods/companies. Lots of possibilities here.


Indeed! A Private chauffeur service should be coming with EA 0.2, so that should address this quite perfectly, I think!


I would add a “real” bus system. Right now it seems the subway is too limited. The catch is it should stick to a certain route. want to know what bus stop(s) you need, use the map, turn on the bus routes and it’ll show you.

If I want to get to a certain place, check the map for a route, go to the nearest bus stop on that route. If you have to go across town, it would require multiple transfers.

Also have to option to buy a monthly bus pass.

I thought of this while I was running from the hospital to the nearest subway (lol).

Atleast, that was how it was like before they put the subway in in LA when I lived there.


Tired of looking for those yellow cars with taxi drivers to drive you out? We present CabNow! With this app, you will be able to call a taxi driver to pick you up where ever you are!

With this presentation what I mean is that it would be cool to have contact or an app to call a taxi driver instead of looking for him… The name “CabNow” I’ve just invented, but it sounds good XD.


So right now you have taxi’s in the game that can transport you, wouldn’t it be nice if we had more transport options like busses, trams and trains etc. Maybe it’s a good idea when the map will expand in the future i think? Or when you will add more cities like Paris and so on. Maybe that you can travel that way from city to another city. Let me know what you guys think about it, i’m very curious!


I would like to see busses driving around the city where you can enter a bus. It then follows a route and stops at each bus stop for a few seconds. When it stops, you can get in. When it already drives, you no longer can get in. When you’re in, you get get out only and at any bus stop by simply clicking a button. You buy a ticket per drive but can also pay e.g. a week ticket for X amount. There should be much busses. When you click on a bus that stopped, you can either click “Get in” or “Show route”. When you click “Show route” it opens the map and shows the path the bus follows plus each bus stop. Additionally, when you stand at a bus stop you can click on the bus stop and it shows all busses that stop there and their routes. Each bus has a route name that you can see so you know in which bus to get in. Hope you like the idea :slight_smile:
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The only problem would be traffic jams, they can last a while, and with no way to get out, it will cause a lot of frustration.


Exactly! It’s a cool idea, but in practicality, would be very challenging. That’s why the subway works (underground, no traffic) and why taxis just fade in/out.


Ah, you both are right :sweat_smile:After playing some longer it would really not really make sense to add busses :sweat_smile:

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Sry, I did not see that the topic was so old

There’s nothing more New York than standing on a corner and shouting “TAXI” so we need the ability to do this in the game.


Do you mean that you should be able to get them to come to you instead of you going to them? Because you can run up to one and use it, currently.

I like the idea of - if there are no taxis on your street currently - you hit a key on your keyboard and your character does the “whistle” and a taxi spawns just off screen on your side of the road, with the intention to come up to where you are and stop. Of course, traffic may hinder this but you could also run up to that taxi.

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That’s exactly what I had in mind

this is along the lines of what I was thinking of

Spanwning taxi is nice but easier is ordering form home

  1. Order Taxi from Home
  • Allow players to arrange taxi rides directly from their in-game home.
  • Players can set the desired taxi time (e.g., 08:00) in the evening.
  • A countdown timer indicating the taxi’s arrival time will be displayed.
  • An option labeled “Make Trip Now” will be available on the countdown timer.
  • If the player is ready before the scheduled time, they can click “Make Trip Now” to start the taxi ride immediately.

I think the addition of BUS ROUTES or TRAM ROUTES would be QUITE BAD for the game with the traffic congestion, but also because it would mainly be used in VERY EARLY GAME scenarios before you have a car or van, and then probably never used again after you purchase a vehicle. It seems like a lot of work to set up a system that would not benefit the game greatly, while the CHAUFFEUR DRIVE gives you that little bit more time management than hunting down a taxi on the street and would seem to fit the gap in the game a little better.

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Suggestion from the Big Ambitions France community:

A button to call a taxi in the Phone or in the contacts.
The taxi is on its way and we have a notification when it arrives nearby