Buying Personal Food in larger quantities

Refilling the fridge is annoying when I can only hold 4 meals at a time. In real life, I’ll carry a dozen bags of groceries in one trip from the car to avoid a second trip, but in the game, if I want to grab a dozen meals, that’s 3 trips back and forth from store to vehicle, then 3 more trips from the vehicle to my fridge.

The 4-item limit makes more sense when hauling big boxes on the handtruck, but I feel it’s too limiting for grocery shopping.

My two suggested options would be 1) You can carry more than 4 food items. 2) A possibly simpler option would be that each “pack” of food contains 4 “portions” once you put them in the fridge.

Disclaimer: As far as I can tell, it’s not really essential to eat right now, so this is more about the future. I believe your energy just drains faster if you’re hungry, but if you’re just driving around and managing Employees, you can go without food.


Yes, Yes, Yes.
Absolutely yes.
Obviously when there is an actual need for food to keep playing. Each time take 4 units of food, return home, deposit, exit, buy back in (x5-6 times)

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On beta 3 the shopping baskets/paper bags will be able to carry up to 10 items!


We did it, everyone! Success!! :smiley: