Business & product name editor

As you were already asking for names for the Honda Civic and probably also will use other fantasy company names it would be nice to have an editor for those names.
If you have ever played the good old Anstoss football manager series you might know that they never had licenses for player/team names but always a very active community providing completely edited data.

Different options how to implement:

  • Simple text files which could be shared manually; probably easiest to implement but also easy to break with wrong chars or encoding
  • Separate editor tool which load and create the proper files; more work for you but file consistency would be guaranteed and you could compile it into the best format for loading performance
  • In-game editor from the main menu; similar to the separate editor but more integrated and probably more used by occassional players

Second and third option could also get Steam Workshop integration which would make it very easy for players to share their edited results with others.