Burger stores...seller to slow, a lot of customer leaving ..without a buy

The burger stores sell too few in view of the mass of customers.

a superficial solution would be to increase the salesperson animations. But i think that is well known.
If I stand at the checkout as a player, I sell twice as much in the same amount of time, thanks to the faster player animation.

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If I read you right, you want to have the animations follow the calculations instead of being just random animations?

That is actually a good idea. The only downside could be that I THINK all calculations are done at midnight. So in this case, calculations should be done before the day starts instead of afterwards. And the challenge with that is changing settings that influence sales.

Everything could be done and fixed, and I do agree. If the devs are willing to put this in though…

Absolutely, yes.
The character’s animation is faster than the employees’. ergo, he can process more customers in the same amount of time.
The customer queues are immensely long and cannot be served until midnight.
ergo: as you say, the stock quantity of goods must be increased, because the flow rate increases with faster animation.

In a medium-sized store, I have to install a 5th checkout and even there the customers are queuing.
Also: with low margins and high fixed costs, the amount of merchandise sold is what counts.

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In general, the AI inside the stores needs work. If you stand in there watching - especially in a fast-food place - you will lose out on sales. The devs are working on it, but in the meantime, if you just time machine (or stay out of the building), you will get the best results.