Building limit, but why?

Hello, I have a question for the developers, why did you decide to make the number of customers per hour dependent on the building limit and not on the cash registers. (apart from marketing)

Rented a store 75 m2 has a building limit of 15 customers per hour
In this store for a cafe you need
2 industrial coffee machines with a capacity of 20 customers (a machine that costs $15,000!?)
2 croissant baking shelves with a capacity of 20 customers
2 cupcake baking racks with a capacity of 20 customers
A cash register with a capacity of 20 customers per hour
Have in stock of:
Croissant 1200
Cupcake 1200
Coffee mug 900
paper bags 2000

However, you can only process 15 customers per hour, regardless of whether I have 1, 2 or 3 cash registers!

Wouldn’t it be more logical to only adjust the limit to the value of the cash register, shopping baskets and seats (in the café & restaurant) and not to the sales stands or the building?

The max number of customers per hour is limited by the building, but you need enough of everything to reach that limit (not just cash registers). In your example, even in a larger building with 3 cash registers, you’d still be limited to 20 customers per hour due to your other display racks.

For display stands, it’s the same logic as limiting seating, as you suggested. If you only have one display stand, then the first few customers will surround it and block the other customers while they are picking their items. Every customer will have to wait for the first customers to finish before they can start shopping. With fewer display racks, you will not be able to get as many customers to finish shopping per hour. If you have multiple display racks, more customers can shop at once.

But that only works up to a limit because buildings have physical size restrictions, fire codes, etc. that limit the total number of possible customers, so a larger building has a larger potential capacity.

This price and capacity has been adjusted in EA 0.2.