Broadway/Dancer/Singer Jobs

The various retail businesses are fun, but all function very similarly to each other. I had an idea that adds a different element, but still uses similar concepts: the Performer Job (actor/dancer/singer). With this being New York, Broadway and the like are a huge part of the city’s culture, so it would help the location feel more real.

You could still train your Performing Employees’ skill level, but scheduling would be more like your Headquarters - you schedule a person to the week. The first 4 days could be rehearsal (the more Performers and better equipment you have, the bigger show you can put on), the final day of the week would be the show (which is where you make the money).

Maybe you sell tickets throughout the week - of course, you can still use marketing to increase ticket sales - but then if you haven’t sold very many tickets, you might have to offer them really cheap the day of the performance. On the other hand, if you think your show will sell out, you could have some reserve tickets you sell for a very high premium the day of the show.

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