Book Shop

What about a book shop? Could have Fiction, Non-Fiction, Sports, Biography etc.


Yes, either a book shop/library to either decorate your home with books or to learn new skills.

Side note (off-topic): I’d find it cool if it was also possible to run book shops; either in a range from small independent ones working it up to a company like Barnes & Nobles type.
Or business models of antiquarian bookshop, going from small second-hand-bookshop-types up to high-ticket rare books, like the one’s you find at auctions (Sotheby’s) etc., linked to the art market.

Upperclass art- and bookcollections are always underrepresented (and underrated) in my opinion :slight_smile: (while cars/vehicles + electronics are overrepresented - not neccessarily in this game though, but in general, so that this game could stand out a bit with these kind of topics)


Books that can be sold at General Retailer and/or Specialty Store (Potential Products: Romance Books, Mystery Books, Sci-Fi/Fantasy Books, Nonfiction Books, etc; Potential Furniture: Bookshelf)

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I’m fairly sure bookshelves are already available from Ika Bohag shop. Just adding a speciality book shop would be needed.

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Perhaps simple Fiction, non-fiction, magazines, other would be a simple yet good option. Perhaps you could also have more expensive hard cover versions of the books and similarly more expensive magazines such as name brand model stuff or what not with the cheaper being sports, national geographic, etc(I know very little about magazines). Not sure what the other would be, but I think 4 options would be a good start to a book store… at least a simple start similar to the gift shop. Maybe other could be more expensive books such as college textbooks, that sell for a lot but are sold far less often?