Black Market Businesses

It would be great to see some sort of black market / black market business implemented. It could make for some interesting playthroughs and role play.


BLACK MARKET DLC - a general layer that doesn’t need to be played but if they do it right early on they are rewarded with fast money at the expense of unforeseen consequences.

This is kicked off by contacting Uncle Fred’s brother/cousin who just got out of lockup and/or has shady connections. From here multi connections to “the other side” of business and questionable friends are available. Uncle Fred’s connections get you noticed by other “opportune individuals” - some trustworthy, some not, and some that are just undercover cops.

  • Shell companies that could be raided by police - For tax evasion, money laundering, or generally racketeering (weapons, art, and drug import and exportation). They mimic other businesses I own but I’m only able to employ a certain type of employee.
  • Black Market businesses include a stash spot and location in the building.
  • Hitman contracts, dirty cop payoffs, family payoffs for shady employees to take the fall.
  • Contract Threat - Gotta lay low in your second house [w/Safe room/Hideaway build options - for money and self] to avoid criminal and police threats. Don’t walk the streets when Contract threat is high.
  • Private Military training and business for protection. Bodyguard hire or Entourage feature.
  • Perma-death businesses and areas - DEA/ATF/FBI raids, court-ordered fines, and restrictions - If you’re caught again get life in prison aka permadeath - that kinda thing.