BizStats Tab for Comprehensive Financial Insights

Hey there, (Please be indulgent; I used a translator. Thank you)

I have a somewhat technical suggestion that could provide us with a comprehensive overview of our possessions.

It would be immensely beneficial to introduce a new tab on the BIZPHONE named “BizStats / BizMoney”! This tab would be organized into distinct categories to offer a comprehensive view. Let me elaborate.

This tab would serve as a page displaying all expenses incurred, divided into some sections for better clarity:

Product Type
Total Quantity Purchased (from the beginning to the present)
Quantity Sold
Profit Gained or Losses Incurred
Total Revenue Generated with Each Product to Date
Here’s a breakdown of how these categories could be structured:

A. Vehicle Expenses Category
B. Property Expenses (including rent, storage, and Wareshop)
C. Inventory in Active Warehouses ( total $ )
D. Miscellaneous In-Game Expenses ( Taxi / Taxes… )

I hope you find this idea intriguing and feasible for implementation. Thank you for considering it!
I have a lot of ideas on this topic. If needed, I could shed some light on this subject if you’re interested

Best regards,