Bizman + Business Delivers in Business overview + Marketinsider Real estate + Other general QOL suggestions

1# Bizman:

1.1: Really would like a sorting box. So the businesses and real estate are seperate overviews.

Like you have for Marketinsider.

1.2: Business and real estate aren’t the same and so should be sperated for a maximum efficient overview. When this is done the satisfaction column can be removed for real estate and replaced with Market Value, like occupancy is already shown in % so that’s good. But might be nice to see what the market value of a building is in case you need some quick cash and looking to sell some.


1.3: Also when clicked on the manage business button for real estate, you get directed to the address page? More logic would be the real Estate settings as all manageable settings are in that tab.

1.4: The amount of alerts is shown per business, but what alerts are they? I mean yes you can go and scroll through them but if you have many businesses with alerts it’s absolute cluttered! Maybe add an Alert tab in the business overview OR Put them in a scroll overlay under insight? There’s some room there to put that I think…

1.5: When clicked on your HQ in Bizzman I think there should be some more ‘smarter’ clicking.

If I click on my name/address part it should direct me to Shedule.
If I click on the amount or Logistic manager it should bring up the tab logistics managers.
If I click on the amount or Purchasing agents it should bring up the tab Purchasing agents

Much more intuitive clicking! :slight_smile: Same stuff could be applied for the warehouse.


1.6: When clicked on the linked Business It should go the Business not the tab Logistic manager.

2# Business Deliveries when done by your warehouse:

I see no reason why this tab should be empty when you have your own warehouse doing the deliveries? Much more easy to follow up if it shows in that overview. Cause now it’s back to main menu, open HQ, click delivery plan adjust.

3# Market Insider - Real Estate focussed :

3.1: Have the total amount of m2 displayed, this is super important as this is where you get you rent revenue from. If I have a 2 properties that cost 2 mil and one has 1000m2 and the other one 5000 m2 to rent out, i’ll take the last one! The estimated value means very little if you can’t bring in the ROI based on your rent you could ask/gain.

3.2: FOR THE LOVE OF GOD, please make it when I click on a real estate I have an option to go back to my MarketInsider Real Estate overview. Right now only thing I can do is click on esc and go back to main menu. There I can go click back on Market Insider > District > Show only for sale … that’s very tedious!

3.3: Well this is probably planned but have the rent/m2 obviously more based on district/building type/ State of the building/ Neighbourhood demand and such. Right now it’s 2,5 $ a m2 very easy to remember but bit dull. But I assume this is planned, but just mentioning it anyway.

Like you can definably add more like market price/m2 to rent this building type or some sort to give an indication of what would be a price you can ask.

4# Backdoor at truck/van shop :

Add a backdoor to the van and Truck shop so you can straight go to your bought vehicle instead of walking around the building. Visually the building has one at the outside so… :smiley:


5# Tooltip on the type of vehicle on Voogle Maps :

Something that would say what vehicle type stands there would be nice. Once you have so many vehicles you don’t really know what you parked where…

6# Vehicle price and cargo capacity balancing :

The way it is now:

Honza Mimic : $ 2.500 : 8 cargo capacity
UMC Desert: $ 6.000: 20 cargo capacity
Missam Villian: $ 22.000 : 12 cargo capacity
Bima 320: $ 48.000 : 8 cargo capactiy
Mersaid S500 : $ 95.000 : 8 cargo capacity
Ferdinand 112 : $ 130.000 : 3 cargo capacity
Freight Truck F1 : $98.000 : 60 cargo capacity

Now I think the truck, Ferdinand 112, Mersaid S500 and the Honza are more then fair but the rest.

The Missam and Bima serve no purpose really! They are slow or same speed as the van and they can even cost up to x8 as much and hold significantly less cargo space!

I think the van should increase in price from 6k to 32k, the Bima should have a cargo capacity of 14/16, it’s an estate after all… how does it have same cargo as the sedans? And the speed should be faster so the more asking price would translate in a faster vehicle then the van but slightly less cargo space. Because of the price increase on the van, the Missam would have some more purpose to be bought also for early/mid gamers.

7# Vehicle tuning and customisation :

At the new gas pump/garage should be an option to change the colour of your vehicle for a price. Maybe in future add options to enhance braking/engine/steering capabalities also.(tune)

And we should be able to see how fast a vehicle goes in like kh and mh.