Billboard not showing up?

I made custom billboards for my companies and then I bought them the advertising, and I am seeing billboards but instead of using the Billboard image from the savegame folder, it just uses the default logo, is there something I’m doing wrong, or does the game not use the Billboard image from savegames for now?

Just to confirm, did you go to your company’s bizman > settings and load them up? After you put them in the folder, you need to still set them up in-game. If not, that should be the issue and once you do that, you should see them!

I did, it is showing billboards, just not the ones I have in the files, it’s using just the default square logo instead.

Very weird - could you post a screenshot of your Bizman > settings page just to make sure nothing looks wrong there?

I’m not sure how you are supposed to do it, as when you click ‘browse file’ it opens the folder, but I’m not sure what to do next.
I just copied the images I wanted into the folders for each store, then renamed them ‘Billboard’ and ‘SquareSign’.
It has the desired effect, although the images don’t show up in the ‘edit logo’ section.

After clicking that “browse file” option, find the file you want to use, then click it. It should then appear as an option in the logo shapes, which you can use as your store’s logo!

It doesn’t I’m afraid. It just highlights the image. I tried refreshing it too.
I have gained a ‘CustomIcons’ folder that wasn’t there yesterday though

Just to confirm - is that a regular computer explorer in the foreground? Or the in-game pop-up when you click “browse file”?

It is the one that pops up when I click browse.

Oooh shoot! I totally forgot to mention, currently the file needs to be a .PNG format!

Sorry that slipped my mind. If it’s a JPG or something else, it won’t work

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lol, I thought the in-game ones were JPG, so changed my PNG files to JPGs.
Thanks again, I’ll give it a go later, and once I know it works, I can put a bit more effort into them :slight_smile:

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Thanks - please let us know if you still have issues. Sorry again for completely slipping on that fact!