Billboard advertisement

Billboard advertisement; I think that the current model for billboard advertisement in the game, should be limited to the number of Billboards in the game. As I understand how they work currently, are on a rotation. I have yet to see my image added to the game. So maybe up that a bit. Secondly, There should a set number for each billboard. I currently have 19 companies all running max ads. I have yet to see an ad running anywhere in the game. No biggie but that option is there.

But ad space is valuable because of the limit on quantity. this should be reflected in the game. Limiting ads to the number of rotations, would increase the chances of seeing it and also cause the player to have to make decisions on whether to purchase adverts for the business. Sales attached to adverts would also be a nice feature and could be used to up capacity and would make sense. You would have to plan strategies to deal with the number of customers that could possibly be generated from the ads. example add more stock and hire more staff. Cleaners and cashiers. doing this should cause exhaustion to be gained quicker. The reason being they are dealing with more customers. Just a thought. what you think?