Big Ambitions EA 0.5 Patch Build 2452

Greetings Friends and Rivals! It’s time for a quick Big Ambitions patch to fix a few issues!

If you were having trouble loading into the game, try now - it should be fixed!

Hello, because my English is not good, so I can only use translation software to communicate.

I like your game very much and have some ideas of my own, I would be very happy if you read this message.

Here are my thoughts as a player:

  1. I hope to allow players to edit their own maps, create their own scripted worlds for the game, and open up more creative workshop content.

2.Characters on the map can interact and chat, contacts can chat more live bodies.

  1. Marriage and children, in fact when I became rich I was still alone in the game, when late in the game I will have nothing to do. If the opponent can be used as a marriage partner I believe it will also be good.

4.Distribute exclusive drivers as well as butlers, despite being rich in the game I still drive my own car, and make my own cabs, which wastes a lot of energy.

  1. add more interactive furniture, or let players make their own furniture mods in.

  2. make the decorations more concise, right now it’s a pain in the ass to take out one crate, and one crate at a time to decorate.

  3. Open a school! When I have kids, or no kids, I can have schools. Schools would also be considered not aristocratic according to area, and then the school relies a lot on the teachers! Because it affects the promotion rate.

  4. Open a hospital! Hospitals are plastic surgery hospitals, maternity rehabilitation hospitals, and dental hospitals, all of which are certainly very profitable, but maternity hospitals are only profitable if they’re in a populated area, otherwise they’ll go out of business!

  5. In addition, I also hope that there is mining, the function of their own products! Starting from the raw materials to buy, and then transported to the construction plant, and then into the market.

  6. Add more plots, or open plots.

I would be very happy if you could read my message, I love your game. Thanks!

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