Better UX for employees calling sick

Hey would be nice to improve the employees getting sick UX:

  1. Display the employees actually sick in the “MyEmployees” app.
  2. Make the employee X called sick notification clickable and redirect to the employee management page.

Because now when I have an employee calling sick I have a short time to see the name in the notification and to find them next in the MyEmployees app and see what schedule and business they are assigned at and then to react to this emergency.

Another little thing, if at 00:00 the simulation triggers a sick employee would maybe be nice to “exit” the timemachine so we can handle it, because of now if you sleep too much you can have no time ti react (I know you can exit the time machine with the exit button, just a quality of life proposal).


Was thinking of something like this:


Will be implemented in Beta 5 :partying_face:

We’ll be displaying “Sick” on the current task

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