Better, more in-depth business reports

I would love to have better and more in-depth business reports. Charts, graphs, spreadsheets, summaries… that kind of thing.

I’d like reports that summarize our overall empire including Total Number of Employees (plus employees of each type), Total Number of Businesses (plus businesses of each type), Total Products Sold (Plus products of each type), Total Products Imported, etc etc.

Line charts and bar graphs on total sales and profits, as well as for individual products and individual businesses so that I can better analyze my businesses/empire. I’d like to know how many Expensive Gifts my Thingamajiggers store has sold today, this week, last week/month/year/since I began selling them, and the costs/revenues/profits for those items across time as well.

And who doesn’t like seeing a line graph of your empire’s total valuation over time?

More like Quarterly and Annual Reports businesses produce to better guide their management (and to report to investors) would be the real life examples I’m thinking of.

Currently, a lot of this information is available, but across multiple tabs and leaves quite a bit to be desired, while some of it just doesn’t exist anywhere I can find it.