Better Auto Assign System

I think it would make sense if the auto assign system is revised when trying to bulk assign employees. especially when making businesses in the massive retail spaces that are available, it would make sense if it was able to better respect demands of employees (part time/full time, ammenities required etc.) and be able to assign people in full 30/50 hour work weeks instead of me having to hire extra people because it caps out at 24/48 hours a week and I don’t want to manually assign everyone. it is not the most pressing issue but is certainly something that could come in a QOL update sometime in the future.

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Just checking - are all the employees you are trying to schedule supervised by HR managers?

It should handle their demands, if so. If they are all assigned, could you please hit F2 and submit a bug report, and I’ll check it out!

Most of them are… my main problem was that if someone was working full time (max 50 hours per week) it would put them on eight hour shifts which meant they would be assigned for 48 hours max. It would then not max out the hours it could assign because it would only assign in 8 hour shifts.