Beta 4: Build 1040 hotfix

Beta 4 (Build 1040) is now up on Steam!


  • Fix game breaking error when saving and loading with items in hand during the same play session
  • Nerf Real Estate (again!)
  • Fix building sale notification showing wrong amount
  • Fix Calling Tow Service inside a bilding didn’t exited out of the building
  • Fix not towing to the correct gas station
  • Fix overlay staying enabled when driving the handtruck
  • Show items with target stock in Logistics Manager deliveries
  • Fixed beta 4 announcement not showing in main menu
  • Fix handtruck error when picking up with no overlay spawned
  • Fix item panel showing not rounded unpaid price
  • Fix changing delivery plan business target not resetting stock targets
  • Fix current unpaid taxes not working in some scenarios
  • Fix stuck in IRS queue after paying taxes when task not visible in upcoming tasks
  • Fix boxes on the floor not disappearing when stocking shelves
  • Fix subway stations toggling IRS city map filter instead of subway station filter
  • Fix wrong item overlays appearing in the center of the screen
  • Increased max vehicle interaction distance when vehicle is not accessible
  • Fixed some savegame compatibility issues

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I have a problem with beta version 5
it is written in English and not in Russian