Beta 3: Build 893 hotfix

Beta 3 (Build 893) is now up on Steam!


  • Added building entrance overlay to buildings
  • Added balance to full menu apps
  • Added interaction with cashiers (clicking them does the same as clicking the cash register)
  • Added auto-rotation for some items (like the cash register over a counter)
  • Added colors to neighborhood icons on Voogle Maps
  • Added “Quit job” task to tutorial
  • Added new floor material
  • Improved Voogle Maps filters panel
  • Removed delay when moving several items
  • Fixed hard to pick up/move cash register
  • Fixed wrong outline for stack of shopping baskets
  • Fixed opening settings while holding a box for placement breaking the item
  • Fixed in-game mini menu close button overlapping save button
  • Fixed hard to enter 4 3rd Avenue
  • Fixed interior designer walls/floors list not scrolling correctly
  • Fixed cleaning todo task appearing before mop quest was unlocked
  • Fixed vehicle cargo displaying as 0/6 in drive-in wholesale store
  • Fixed backwards building signs in 1st Street/Broadway intersection
  • Fixed ugly demo walls
  • Fixed opening mini menu while on Voogle Maps cancelling pause
  • Fixed continue button in main menu not removing last played game when deleting all save games
  • Fixed some localization errors
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I really like this idea, but I just tested this while placing a desk workstation and didn’t doesn’t seem to work for that (neither the computer nor the chair aligned to the desk)

it currently only works for CashRegisters, CoffeeMachine and the 2 Grills. we decided against using it for the others to allow more placement freedom :wink:

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That makes sense - freedom is important. Personally, I would enjoy the computer starting out pointing the same direction as the desk, then we can adjust it manually ourselves. Not a huge deal, but when setting up a dozen desks, it becomes a bit tedious rotating each one from the default “forward” position! :stuck_out_tongue:

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