Best Pricing Per District

Hello! As many have noticed - the cheat sheet is a little out of date. I originally came up with those numbers, but since I’m now part of the team, I can’t share specifics anymore! So I figured, this would be a good place for the community to suggest the best prices they have found for each product, per district!

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that So Sade the cheat sheet is a great help.
is theer a way you can open so som of us can get et up to date and Edite it that wood be nice an keep it alive


We can post here our own tables or suggestions for change, so that once we get multiple values suggested we can be as accurate as possible.

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Hi, can you specify what you still consider as ‘the best price’? Like, what percentage is still acceptable?

Anyway, with 99% I have a
graphic design studio in hells kitchen with 160$.
98%: programmer in hells kitchen with 145$.

I think 99% is acceptable but we should strive to hit that 100% mark. Not sure how big a 1% satisfaction difference is.

It might be best to comment on the google document directly, you can find it here: Big Ambitions in-game price list - Google Tabellen

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