Bathroom / Hygiene

I would love to see showers, sinks and toilets being added in the game. This could make the other room in your first apartment look more realistic and also adds another element to happiness. I know this game is more about business empire and management which I love by the way but just a few more life management features would give the game a boost.


Good idea! I’ve heard we might be getting “Bathrooms”, which is a bit vague, but hopefully that type of stuff is coming!


The bathroom needs to add a toilet to use the toilet and shower, buy sanitary equipment


This is already noted in the roadmap right?


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then add social needs too fun and comfort. Make it into the sims -_-
the game is not about the needs nor it is a simulation of life. it’s about economy. I don’t think this will be added into the game for now.

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People do like to earn money to build a dream house. And that could/should include the bathroom. Nothing to show your wealth off more then a solid golden toilet bowl right? :wink:

I guess it’s just decoration, not to remake the sims.


Yes, would be cool to be able to take a shower, or add a hottub into your apartments LOL

Brushing your teeth, and sanitary needs would be nice additions also.


Definitely what the game is missing.

There should also be a need bar about hygiene/bathroom/sanitary. It adds a good challenge to balance a person’s personal schedule and the work one.

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I agree with you on your point regarding focusing on the business simulation aspect of the game which is why making energy, hygiene, happiness goals and bars important to the realism of being a business entrepreneur don’t you agree?

I mean let’s face it if you owned and managed 10 different business in New York, would you smell like a rat and have massive bags under your eyes? Also if you owned a luxury apartment or yacht would it only contain a bed and a fridge?

I love the fact that the developer’s are focusing on business simulation as a whole including real day to day things that humans need and do.

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I agree with this - I personally don’t think I want to have to manage taking bathroom breaks every few hours, especially with how fast time goes in the game), but I do think your personal hygiene would impact how others perceive you!

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I’m on board!

But I really want a Kitchen Sink, too. All my kitchens in my apartments look like they’re missing something.

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Since your adding bathrooms to the game we need toilet paper, bathroom cleaner, hand soap , hand sanitizer , toothpaste , toothbrush, shampoo/conditioner and body wash. We can use these items in multiple ways.
for ex. shampoo/conditioner can be used at home/hair salon/ supermarket
toilet paper/ hand soap / bathroom cleaner should be required everywhere
if a store runs out of these items it would effects customer service.
The cleaning stations should require a cleaning solution. It would also be nice to see our cleaning workers actually clean. All these items could be sold at the supermarket. I think it would be a nice addition for our supermarkets. I have so many ideas but i don’t want to be babbling all day lol.

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Oh my goodness, I agree! Please do not take this in a more like the Sims direction. General hygiene is fine but let’s please not go overboard. Thank you.