Bank loan limit

I consider that i have reached the mid early acess game ( 1M / day ) and the next step seems to be the purchase of a building.
The step is big and the bank don’t give us more than 800k while i have 40M in my pockets
Fix a rate based on our capital or daily revenues should avoid us to sleep during 30 days.

Sorry for my english, bye and well done for this game !


Agreed. I would think the banks would be itching to collect some money off of loaning us millions instead of limiting. I think I used the loans only 2 or 3 times (40k limits, even though I was making around 200k) to cover purchases I needed to go through but realized they were fairly useless once I had a million in the bank and just funded everything myself. Would have been nice if the bank had a little more involvement. I’m sure more will be done to it once the game is out of EA but here’s to helping push the needle.

The way the game is set up, you don’t want to get a loan for a building because a building is not an investment that will pay off in the game. You buy the building when you have enough money as more of a way to hold your assets and keep them out of the bank.

If you’re making 1M/day, I think the idea behind a bank loan is beyond your needs. I’ve barely scratched the entire game, but I feel that purchasing buildings vs renting them is more of a cost savings thing right now. Getting a loan to help you acquire a building, only to pay equal or more interest to the bank, seems counter productive to me.