B2B Vehicle Rental/Fleet Management

I’ve already seen suggestions for car dealerships as a business but what about car hire and boat/yacht hire? We can currently buy cars for driving around but boats are a little useless aside from the happiness. Maybe we can make some income renting them out. The same principle goes for cars. We can set competitive rates for vehicle groups and have to manage wear and tear and accidents. Sometimes even taking losses.

The above covers B2C. However, another suggestion is introducing a fleet management business to the game to cater for B2B as well. Especially with ‘Rivals’ coming in the next update - Supplying cars to other businesses/competitors is BIG business in the real world. Having negotiations for contracts of long-term hire and even having criteria to adhere to within them.

Just an idea. I think it would add a bit more texture to the game, especially with the contracts part and having to be a bit more hands-on with stuff. The game is great but it gets to a point where you’re just printing money with nothing really to do. I think this would negate that. Not only for this business idea but it could be implemented into other businesses too.

Would love to hear other peoples thoughts :slightly_smiling_face:

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