Average sold product per day

It would be easier to calculate the estimated items to purshase if it was per day instead of per 7days


Do you know how to calculate it? My storage are empty but i’m still running of certains products. Am I missing something?

You can look at the amount you sold in a week and divide by 7 for a rough estimate, although each day is different (weekends are best, Wednesday is the worst).

If you’re running out of products through the day, then you need to increase the amount you want your Logistics Manager to deliver.

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Thanks SuperDave i’ll try, can you actually sell everything in you’r war house? Like a fast command so you don’t havé to do it 1by1?

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Not directly. There is a method that should work, but it’s not cost-effective, but it saves time if you have spare money:

If you rent an extra warehouse, you can set that new warehouse as the destination for your original Logistics Manager. Send all the stuff you don’t want over to that warehouse, then after it ships, just terminate the lease on the new warehouse with the junk you don’t want and it should all be sold.

Oh okay that’s smart but I can’t do that with the excessive supplies already un shops

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That is true - if you’ve already sent it to the shop, that trick doesn’t work. :frowning: