Autosave function - per day interval / per minute interval

Well this one doesn’t need much explaining.

A simple autosave function, as me and my buddies had it sometimes the game crashes or you encounter a game breaking bug and forgot to save, so you lose days of progress and you cry deeply inside.

This could be set on:

  • minute interval every 5/10/15/30 minutes.
  • Days interval every 5/10/20/30 in-game days interval.

Think this is something that will benefit many!

Please vote and respond, so the devs see this and could cramp it in their tight and full schedule! :smiley:


Are the recovery saves just not frequent enough? If those happened more often, would that solve this issue?

I like this idea, but only if it’s done as different files like the “recovery” saves currently are. You manually save the main one, and then the “autosave” version is saved as an additional file(s). If I save it manually, do some experimenting, I like being able to go and reload my old file exactly where I left it. Another issue is - if the “autosave” saves over your game AFTER a bug is introduced, you would want your manual prior save-game to go back to.

They are not frequent enough. Mine can differ a complete day! And I mean like more then 8 hours of gaming stuff I done to it. Like look at the day difference, so much progress could be erased and this isn’t a bad difference yet I had larger one’s!


I like the idea of as you said be able to go back if it saves just when you have a bug. Therefore you can do like recovery saves have the autosaves 3 to 5 intervals available. So if you have it on lets say 10 minutes you’ll be able to go back 30 min to 50 min of your gameplay in 3 to 5 choices of autosaves. This is like on Anno 1800 also and it does offer flexibility.

And if you really want to do some experimenting you can save it under a different name so you can go back to your older save at any point.


Think this bundles all scenario’s very well, thanks for the input David! :slight_smile:

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Recoverysaves are apparently said to save every passing game day. And this was more of a bug as why my recovery saves didn’t save for 126 days.

I guess therefore the autosave should do 3 saves of the days before … Hence making this topic somewhat of a QOL and more low priority in my eyes atleast.

My game currently:

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Implemented in beta 8!