Automatic resupply of stock

When running out of stock, an option for automatic delivery would be nice.
If I don’t want to take care of every restocking for every single shop (planning to grow biiiiiiiig), I’d like to go to the wholesales (or any other) store and create a “delivery contract” (amount X of item A, delivery to my shop ABC for an additional fee of Z$ per delivery).
Delivery could be either regularly (every X days) or whenever stock runs out (when only Y items left).

I think it would be better if instead of an option, it was a job you can offer, so you recruit an employee to manage the deliveries of this specific shop (or of all shops?)

In my opinion a separate employee would be too much for it. It’s basic part of the exisitng employee of a business to check stock in the morning and give the wholesale shop a call for delivery (I’d expect them to deliver, so I won’t need somebody to pick up).

On the other hand, another option if your businesses grow bigger could be renting an office space somewhere for management. There you could hire employees to do several tasks which could include reordering stuff, adjusting prices, handling job applications, doing interviews etc. (depending on how much you want to do by yourself).

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It’s crazy how you guys are aligned with my own ideas :smiley:

Basically, this was my plan:

Early game: How it is in the current build.
Mid game: Allow the player to purchase a large truck, big enough to limit stock deliveries to happen once a week.
Late game: Allow to pay for scheduled deliveries through delivery companies. Player had to choose days of delivery and the quantities.
End game: Allows the player to start their own delivery company and setting up delivery routes.

So as you can, pretty much what you have suggested too.

The “End game” concept is overly complicated, so it’s mentally on my “nice-to-have” list.

This sounds interesting. The player will definitely need help with HR, once you grow past 100+ employees. We could combine this. Maybe an option to setup a headquarter that can hold these employee types? Logistics Manager, HR Manager, etc.


Yes, that’s exactly the idea.
I’ve already liked it when playing a football manager 20 years ago. You could do everything yourself but you could also hire a fanshop manager, co-trainer to arrange training schedule and tactics, and more.
Enable the users to do all the micromanagement they like but allow them to get rid of tasks they don’t enjoy. Somebody likes to do the logistics but not hire employees? Fine, hire a HR manager but not a logistics manager. That’s the way everyone can get his/her perfect game.


An endgame suggestion on top of this. You can start building franchises. E.g. a Fast Food franchise. The player build the head office in this city, but are allowed to build shops outside the current map. So you just have to manage the head office building and employees, but the business is growing outside this city. So the natural flow of the game would be to start and manage the shop yourself, build a second, third, etc. shop in-game and then when you have enough shops in this city you start franchising. You just have to give the cash for the new shop and manage the head office staff.

You can then have scenarios like: “How quick can you build a fast food franchise with 100 shops.”

Franchises can be gated behind requirements to ensure that it is an end game feature.

I like restocking my own businesses at the start when I get a van. But I agree sleeping in a van is hard on the neck and back so hiring drivers to do this stock or getting deliveries makes sense mid to late game. I like the ideas of managers and so forth for all aspects of the game. And like the idea of making each manager type optional. I like to get a HR manager somewhere in mid game. Keep those businesses from going under. A possible option to unlock each type of manager could be implemented. I read somewhere there’s ‘Adventurers’, ‘Achievers’, ‘Socialists’, and ‘Creatives’ for games. Having these options makes a game seem more ‘fun’. Personally I fit into more than one of these. But other players may fit into one or two others.

Will be implemented in alpha 9.