Automatic resource purchase

After a few hours of playing, i currently have 3 shop. Gift, cigars/wine and a fast food.
My biggest problem is i have to constantly refill my shop and it litteraly take all my times and i no longer can create new shop.
I am currently looking for HR manager and buyer but i really don’t understand how it worked and looked for tutorial, but as my inglish is very bad i can’t understand the best part.
Hope someone could help me, and sorry for my mistakes !

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Until I got so far, I don’t know if there is a better way of doing this. But here are my five cents.

For that to happen you need several things:

  1. Warehouse with a basic UMC Desert
  • A driver for that vehicle
  • Several Pallet Shelfs for the products imports
  1. Headquarters
  • At least 1 Logistics manager
  • At least 1 Purchasing agents (for your empire you’ll need more than one)
  1. Two or three Storage Shelf in each Shop.

You don’t need HR manager for now.

After you already have got all of that, you need to go the dock. You’ll see different “Import/Export” piers. Inside each one you can make a contract with that pier and your purchasing agent (you need new purchasing agents per pier/contract)

After you appointed a new contract, then you can look inside “BizMan” your Headquarters, and then purchasing agents tab, you can choose the agent that have got that contract assigned to ask for deliveries. Usually, you need a minimal amount like 6k$ or so.

Per example one of the piers that is called “SeaSide Internationals” will import all you need for a fast-food restaurant, but you that one will not import wine/cigarettes. That’s why you’ll need more purchasing agents.

Another example is JetCarago Imports, will get for you all you need for a present shop.

By now the only way I know which pier imports what, is simply to sign a new contract and see what it will sell to me.

After that you need to set the deliveries from your warehouse to your stores.

You must go again to “BizMan”, then go to headquarters again, and this time to logistics manager. There you will be able to set destinations and check how many you want to have in your shops of each needed item. After it is set the logistics will run by itself and will refill after 00:00

I don’t know how many deliveries can be made by one Logistic Manager, but at this time, it seems that the smallest warehouse that can hold only one delivery vehicle, can deliver only to two destinations.

And that’s is more or less all. It’s a bit tricky, but that level of depth is amazing for an early release.

I wish this helps you, if you have some doubt, ask it freely here.