Automated import-warehouse-shop

Anyone worked out how to set this up?

I have created HQ and warehouse, hired 2 purchase managers (1 for each import/export building)

Hired a logistics manager

Bought a van and hired a driver

set purchaser to order x amount of stock every 3 days, working
placed pallet shelves (racking) in the warehouse, goods arrive
set delivery amounts and locations in logistics manager, added van to slot 1 in warehouse and assigned driver, but then nothing happens, tried sleeping for about 10 days in total, not one item leaves the warehouse, HELP, i`m losing money rapidly

I seem to be missing warehouse staff? are they available (other than the driver)

Hi there! Can I see a screenshot of your Logistics Manager configuration?

Your business targets are very low for your products. It means how many products the Logistics Manager should ensure there’s in stock in your store. For example right now, they will only ensure 4 soda cans in your gift shop, which would be sold out within minutes.

Increase the business targets to minimum what you expect to sell per day.

Deliveries happen every day around 12:00.

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Ah, thought it was how many boxes to send, will give it a try

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now working, thank you for a speedy reply

keep up the good work :slight_smile:

Ah, thought it was how many boxes to send

Just bumping this, because I thought it was boxes originally as well. Through experimenting, I did eventually realize it was actual quantity, it was confusing at first!

Will have it changed. What should we go for “Minimum stock amount” maybe?

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to save confusion Maybe keep it as all the others, ie, how many boxes to send per delivery

The Logistics Manager is smarter than that. It ensure you have a specific stock amount in the store. If you set the soda cans to 300 and you already have 400 in the store, 0 will be transferred.