Auto-Invest Feature (Quality of Life)

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over my 50 hour career as ingame-entrepreneur I encountered a few things I would enjoy to see in the finished game.

One of them is a auto-inest feature. I don’t want to pay fees to the bank (who wants that? :wink: )
So I call every day the banker to invest my “exceeding” income - I always leave a security buffer for e.g. to cover the deliveries (imports).

In my opinion a feature that allows one to invest a daily value of X into fund/stock X would be nice OR set a buffer amount (e.g. 300,000) that stays on the bank account, every dollar above gets invested daily at 10.00.

Im aware of this is a quality of life feature. But I think it can be considered in future updates/development since it would open up the game for less “tryhard” players.

I personally love the game and keep grinding! <3

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No need to insult other players :slight_smile:

In general, “automatic things” won’t happen. You need to hire someone to do things for you, so this would be done by an accountant or something. But it’s an interesting idea.


Wasn’t meant as insult.

I think automation is pretty important for a game. I know this is a simulation and the game wants to be as authentic/realistic as possible. (thats perfect!)

But the gameplay aspect is critical aswell. If I have to do 200x the same just to gain a few bucks, it isn’t very motivational.

For the auto-invest feature, I think it can be like this:

If you reach a certain amount on the bank(s) (bank account + funds invested) you may gain access to a broker from the bank. You can call your personal broker and clear the details of your daily investment decision. (amount, fund/stock, min. bank balance?) In real world you can also work with a broker to manage your investments. (this doesnt needs to be an inhouse broker - in very large corporations this would make the treasurer; but i think most businesses have external brokers manage it for them)

So I think this would make perfectly sense. Good gameplay, well packaged. :wink:

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To keep in line with the other outsourced things, like imports, it would still be possible to add an accountant that would allow you to negotiate one investment plan with one bank. That would then allow people who just don’t want to pay money to the bank to auto invest in one single stock permanently, while one could also do a more complex system using multiple accountants to diversify one’s assets.

I also like this idea, since, after a few short early game struggles to get cash fast, the bank has little use until you suddenly have to call daily (or every 2-3 days early on) to get rid of your cash, which is a pretty tedious task, and the other tedious tasks (driving to wholesale stores, delivering products to stores, filling in for sick employees) can also be automated in a similar manner.
On the other side, that would mean that the bank would become even less relevant after you get this set up, since you will likely never call again (except to setup a new plan for a new accountant), bringing it to the same level as the health insurance manager at the hospital.


I’m totally fine with having an accountant doing that, but in real life you also have saving plans where you can schedule to invest X amount of money on a regular basis in stock Y.

So in terms of this game, I would e.g. set it up to invest 500k in stock X every Monday morning or so.

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