Assigned Storage Shelves with Labels

Would be very useful to be able to place labeled signs on your storage shelfs, since all the goods are packed in the same boxes.

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Wholesalers’ warehouses have shelves with signs of their contents.
By clicking on ALT, we obtain the unit price of each product on each shelf.
Player warehouses have much more limited information, and that’s a real problem.
First, unlike wholesalers, there is no sign indicating what is on a shelf.
In addition, deliveries from import-export companies are placed on the shelves according to the space available.
With 60 slots available per shelf, some of them can hold many different types of products.
The ALT key will not be of any use here because it only shows the number of occupied slots. No information on the nature of the products or the quantity of each box.
Personally, I decided to have one warehouse per product family: food, clothing, etc.
Because it’s the only way I’ve found so far not to go crazy.

But at first, it’s not possible, because having several warehouses means human and financial resources that we don’t yet have.
Try to find in a warehouse of 20 shelves where donuts, cupcakes, coffee, women’s clothes, gifts, papers, etc. are stored.
It would be useful to make the ALT key more practical by displaying the number of boxes and their contents on each shelf (ex: 20 donuts, 17 cupcakes, 13 gifts, etc.).
Another feature could be very valuable: allowing the player to decide for each shelf the type of products that can be stored there. Thus, we can have shelves reserved for donuts, coffee, modern men’s clothing, gifts, etc.


Excellent ideas, I’d really like to be able to a, see what is on each shelf, and b, specify a shelf to store one item.
I don’t have any votes left though, so will have to come back to this!


Def agree with the idea of us being able to assign products to shelves to make life easier. Same way as they do in the Distro and Wholesale shops.

Earned my vote on this

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I’m having the same issues and thoughts about shelves (either warehouses or stores ones).

I’d love to have the option to dedicate shelves to specific products, either in warehouses or stores.

I’m currently playing my first playthrough, with only one warehouse, and one thing I find difficult, is that every item is listed on a single list in the warehouse’s stock overview, which can sometimes be confusing, especially when checking items that need to be ordered (and we can’t sort the list).
I’d really love to have items sorted and displayed in different sheets (ala Excel) : we’d have the “Food” sheet, the “Gifts” sheet, etc … and so on.

In any case, great suggestion, upvoted !

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I’d like this too especially since sometimes I mistakenly buy furniture so I end up putting it in the trunk of my car rather than the warehouse for this reason. I wouldn’t be able to find it in all the jumble but I would if it was all labeled nice and neatly. Then I could put all the extra furniture in a shelf to be used later in another business rather than hope I remember I have it in the trunk/boot of my car.

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I def agree and i would like to see a kind of small pop up window to show what stuff and quantity is on each shelf. It would be good if window pops up by moving the mouse over each shelf.

I would like a way to tell for example cheap gifts to go to shelf one expensive gifts to shelf two in the inventory shelfs or especially in the ware house for imports. just feel it would add to the realism as stores and especially warehouses dont just stick stuff where ever.

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Storage shelves can currently only hold 5-10 item types and shelves can only hold 1 item type, it would be cool if you could set
for each individual shelf what goes in there per row and that you just set a value per item, how many items fit in per row and thus
you have a limit. It would also be quite helpful if the same happens for storage shelves. For example, you could store 500 items per storage rack.


I’d like the ability within the warehouse to define the products which can be stored on each pallet shelf. So we can have a warehouse like the wholesalers - So it’s labelled Soda cans and only Soda cans are stored there. If you need more capacity have to add another Soda Can Shelf . Then shops i am manually delivering too i can enter warehouse find easily the goods i need with out doing manage storage on 20 shelfs before i find the ice cream.

Or alternatively an ability when stood in warehouse to be able to add items to the truck upto it’s limit a bit like the shopping screen so it has capacity of 4 you can select 4 items you need.

At moment when my warehouse is at capacity for delivery and i need to deliver to odd shop - it’s so hard to find items i’ve bought already and know are in stock - sometimes it’s easier to use wholesaler but you lose margins